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Policy Server

How do you fancy being able to watch a product pay for itself? Policy Server enables the centralised management of IP Devices. IP Device integration enables the convergence of IP CCTV, Milestone IP Surveillance Software, IP Telephony, IP Door Access, IP Lighting Controllers and IP Audio speakers.

When you're not in the office, why not have selected lights, radiators and switch ports turn off to save energy. Policy Server converges almost any IP devices with a simple rule set, for example: Bob arrives in the office and presents his access card to the IP door controller to get into the building. When he swipes in the front door IP CCTV camera records the video of him entering, the lights between the front door and his office illuminate, all of the doors he needs access to could automatically open, the radiator in his office resumes Bob's favourite setting, the network switch ports for Bob's PC and phone are enabled, the wireless access point in Bob's area is turned on, etc, etc. The idea with Policy Server is that almost any form of IP integration is possible and it can increase network and building security whilst saving you money.