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Telecommunications is yet another technology that has crossed over to the data network. Voice over IP allows you to have phones on your premises without installing additional cabling as IP phones can be connected between your computers and their network outlets.

Over the next few years BT are undergoing the biggest and most ambitious business transformation ever experienced within the global telecommunications industry by upgrading services nationwide to an end‐to‐ end IP based network, the 21CN Project.

In just the same way that BT are switching to IP, so are a lot of our customers. IP has the benefit of being able to be routed in almost any way that you want. Just like your analogue phone transmits via a copper cable, VOIP phones can transmit via the internet, and the internet goes a lot further than a copper
cable. Ever fancied the idea that when you leave the office you can jump onto your PC at home to make and receive calls as if you were in the office? Or maybe you've got multiple sites nation/worldwide....do you like the idea of free calls between them? The possibilities with IP are endless.

FlexNet embrace the chance to help you communicate more efficiently.