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Wireless networking has become a major part of the data industry but is probably the most commonly misunderstood. As a result of this, wireless networking is a massive part of FlexNet. It is apparent that nationwide far too many installers don't fully appreciate the behaviour of wireless. FlexNet engineers have years of experience of installing, troubleshooting and supporting wireless networks of all types and sizes within all sectors of industry.

A very useful addition to common RF wireless is Laser technology. Lasers have the added benefit of increased data rate while being able to operate in environments where wireless may not. Operating at speeds of up to 1gbps and at distances of up to 2km lasers can be a viable alternative to running fibre optic cabling.

Wireless technologies that FlexNet provide can be an extremely useful addition to your physical LAN saving you time and money when extending data services.

Our engineers are currently working on projects ranging from small deployments in schools, offices and casinos to major nationwide network support, design and installation for the UK largest postal service. No matter what size of network, FlexNet have a solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

FlexNet's 7 stage solution:


The initial assessment of the customers' requirements is completed by the customer. The completion of our pre-survey document details to FlexNet the environment the network will be installed in, the intended use of the network, the client device types and numbers, facility details, existing networks and infrastructure, etc. All of this helps FlexNet build a picture of the network we need to create.


The survey stage is all about tailoring the network to the customers' environment and requirements. Following discussions with the customer a physical site survey will be completed with the proposed / specified wireless equipment to help identify ideal mounting locations, antenna types, cabling requirements, installation limitations, etc. Following this FlexNet will conduct 2.4 & 5 GHz spectrum analysis of the required areas to identify any existing, neighbouring or spurious wireless networks.


FlexNet then combine the initial 2 stages into a very comprehensive report detailing all aspects of the proposed wireless network. The documentation includes everything from device locations, signal/noise ratio readings and site photos to proposed equipment details, spectrum analysis results, physical / logical network design and installation costs.


Come installation time FlexNet arrive on site with all equipment preconfigured and tested to start the installation. With accredited cabling engineers, wireless specialists and plant operatives, all aspects of the installation are catered for and conducted in a professional manor.


Following the installation FlexNet conduct thorough testing of the wireless network to ensure it meets and exceeds the initial requirements. Testing results are documented and provided to the customer as part of the handover


At this point FlexNet walk the customer though all aspects of network including the survey, installation and testing stages and will provide the client with all network device configurations and documentation. The handover isn't complete until the customer is completely happy with all aspects of the network.


FlexNet provide wireless network support for existing and installed networks. This service ranges from hardware support, to configuration changes / improvements. Support contracts and SLAs are tailored to the customers' requirements but with support ranging from phone support, to remote network access, to on-site support, a fix is guaranteed.